The following is the information on how to use the OWHA Form A submission:

The following roles have access to Form A submissions:

  • Association Liaison
  • Team Statistician

For Association Registrars to have access they must sign themselves up as Association Liaison and then login using the Association Liaison Role. 

For Association Liaison and Team Statisticians you must contact your Association Registrars for them to provide you with access.

To get to Login page: go to

Userid/Email: Enter your email address

Password: Enter your password (Use the password emailed to you initially)


If you are a Team Statistician having difficulty getting access – first call must be to your Association Registrar; then the OWHA Registrar,


If you are the Association Registrar, please contact the OWHA at


Forgot Password? Click on “Forgot Password” and your password will be emailed to you. 

NOTE:  LLFHL can not see nor edit Form A games.  Contact OWHA