Score Games: Add New Games

This FAQ document applies to:
OWHA Form A and Playdown Games and
LLFHL Regular Season Games.
OWHA Form A and Playdown questions should be directed to

LLFHL questions should be directed to

Q: Why is there no Division in the drop down list?
A: Contact because your team is not properly registered to a LLFHL division.

Q: Why are there are no teams in the home or away drop down to choose from?

A: Make sure you choose your Form A Division or LLFHL division from the division drop down and click the 'Get Teams' button (on the right side of the screen).

Q: Why is the opposition team not listed in the team drop downs?
A: Contact to let them know that a team registration is missing. If the team you are playing is not an OWHA Team, scroll to the bottom of the team listing and select 'Team not Listed'

Q: Why is the rink for my home game not available in the drop down list? A: Choose Missing Arena and contact OWHA at with missing rink details.

Q: Why can I not add the opposing team's guest players (LLFHL)? A: Each Team Statistician must enter his/her own guest players, i.e. the Visiting Statistician must add the the visiting guest players.

Q: Why can I not add a Guest Player from outside my association? A: A Team Statistician cannot search the database of an Association outside his/her own, due to Privacy Policy. Create a Case to request that a generic 'Outside-the-Association Guest-Player be added to the Game Roster. Please provide the GameID for which the Guest Player is to be added. Then use the Game Notes to indicate the actual name of the (outside the Association) Guest Player.

Q: How do I change a game (LLFHL)? A: Please send game details to

Team Roster: Printing Avery labels
Q: My team officials aren't appearing on the Avery Label. Why?
A: As per the Announcement ‘Update Gamesheet Labels’ of 2009-11-05:

Game Labels list:

Asst Coach
Asst Coach

Team Officials list in the above order, and are fixed to those Roles (i.e. if you have no Manager for example, a third Asst Coach will NOT display in the Manager position). If you have:

More than 1 Trainer; More than 2 Asst Coaches; or More than 1 Manager, the Team Official whose name displays will be the one registered first. This cannot be altered.

Q: What Avery Label do I use?A: The Game Sheet Labels are designed for Avery labels that have 1 label per sheet. Individual labels can be cut out for each game.

Q: How do I create a Form A Game or Playdown Game? A: To create a 'Form A' or Playdown Game, log in as Team Statistician, then
1. Click on 'Compete' (top menu)
2. Click on 'Score Game' (left side menu)
3. On the 'Search Results List' line (near top of screen in blue font),
click on the '[Add New Game]' link (dark blue font)
4. From the Division dropdown, select either the Form A Division or the Playdown Division Then click the 'Get Teams' button over to the right of the screen. Use the other dropdowns to enter the game info, then scroll down and click the 'Add' button. Take care when setting the Game Time as there is a 24-hour clock in use.

NB. If the opposition team has already entered a Form A or Playdown game, there is no need for you to create a duplicate -- please do not create a game if you already see it listed in the 'Score Games' area.

Q: How do I delete a Form A or Playdown Game?

(especially when I made a mistake or there are duplicate games):

A: As of mid-Jan 2011, a new function was added that offers a 'Delete' link beside games, if the Team Statistician who is logged in was the one who created that game, and the game has yet to be scored. This is for games created mid-Jan and going forward. It does not apply to games that were created before that.

You will find that if you go to the 'Compete' --> Score Game area that there will be a 'Delete' link beside the game you have created yourself. 

 The LLFHL can not see nor edit Form A games.  Do not contact the LLFHL or with this request.

Q: Why have I stopped receiving E-Mail notifications?
(E-mails regarding approval or rejection of scoring, etc)

A: Most times when a Team Statistician notices that confirmation e-mails have 'dried up' it is because the Team Statistician has a new anti-virus/anti-spam application, or new anti-virus definitions, which over-enthusiatically identify spammers, and put e-mails from new senders in the Junk Folder.

Most e-mail applications allow you to flag someone a 'safe sender' such that e-mails from these other Team Statisticians will not end up in the Junk folder in the future.
For example, with MSOutlook:
When you are reading the e-mail which you found in your Junk Folder (and you wanted it to have been delivered to your Inbox), click on 'Actions' --> Junk Email --> Add Sender to Safe Senders list.

You will have to check your Junk Email often, as you will constantly be receiving e-mails from new Team Statisticians, and one-by-one you will have to add them to your Safe Senders list.

If you have checked your spam folder and no emails were found there, it could be that your ISP (Internet Service Provider, ex. Rogers or Bell) may have blocked the email on their end due to spam. Regardless, you can always always continue to approve/reject games by going to Compete--Score Game and clicking on the game that has been scored. You do not need the email notification in order to do this.

 Q: How do I Access the Individual PIM/Scoring Stats Report?

A: This report is only available to the association member registered as 'Association (League) Liaison' and is only available to Lower Lakes Associations.
1. Log into the Admin Area using the Role of 'Association (League) Liaison (
2. Click on 'Report', then 'Lower Lakes Custom Reports' (tab)
3. Beside 'Individual PIM/Scoring Stats Report', click 'Run'
4. On the resulting screen, select the team from the dropdown, then click the 'Search' button.
5. Scroll down to the bottom of the report and click the button to Export to MSExcel. Make sure that you save the file as type .xls -- some versions of MSExcel realize the data is coming from a webpage, and try to save the file as Type: Webpage, which is not too useful. (Make sure to save as type .xls)
6. E-mail the MSExcel file to the Team Statistician/Coach etc who requested the stats.