This NEW members area is available to all OWHA clubs....but not all have switched over. If they wish to switch over, please create a ticket to request this action.

The PARENT who is having issues registering, please instruction them to go to their CLUB"S website and look for the REGISTER ONLINE link that the club has provided.  IT will take them to this screen to log into the Members Area for that CLUB.

1. Once the parent/guardian has access to the system, they must login. (each club has their own unique login page..the club logo will appear as noted in the areas below



2. Once the parent has logged in, from the dropdown, the parent must select the program they wish to register for. The program name will be descriptive. NOTE: These registrations are setup by the Association Registrars.



3. Once the registration has been selected from the dropdown, the parent must scroll down to locate the player they wish to register to this program and click the blue REGISTER button. If no button appears, this means that the player is not eligible for the selected registration type from the dropdown.


4. Once the parent has selected the player, they will follow the remaining steps to complete the registration.


A. Complete the required waiver for the program (if any);

B. Complete “Parent Information” then click SAVE & CONTINUE;

C. Complete “Member Information” then click SAVE & CONTINUE;

D. Complete “Register Member”

a. The parent chooses the “Fee Type”. The fee type will automatically populate based on the child’s gender and date of birthdate. 

b. The parent will complete any additional questions requested by the Association. (if any)

c. The parent will then click “DONE” or “REGISTER ANOTHER PLAYER”.


E.  Click “MAKE PAYMENT” and select their method of payment.


NOTE: The OWHA Club will determine to offer ONLINE payment only, OFFLINE payment only, or BOTH options for ONLINE and OFFLINE payments. Some Associations have elected to offer the Online Interac option. If so, this will appear as an option at the “MAKE PAYMENT” screen.

F. The Parent/Member who completes their registration will receive an automated email with their invoice attached.  Additional instructions may appear on the invoice.  Please review your invoice for those additional notes added by your club.