How do I Transfer a player to my club?

The Association who is receiving the new player logs into the Admin area and follows these instructions…

Click on ‘Register’ (top menu)

Click ‘View Manage ‘Member’ (left side menu)

Enter the First Name, Last Name and Birthday of the player you wish transferred to your association. Then click the ‘Search All’ button

Notes on step 3 above:


- Having to know the birth date of a player prevents an admin from ‘trolling around’ the OWHA database searching for players for poaching reasons, etc.

- The difference between the Search and Search All buttons is that Search searches the local database (i.e. the association’s own data) and a Search All searches the entire OWHA database.

Click the ‘Transfer’ button beside the person’s name (on the Search Results listing)

Click the ‘Submit Request’ button.

This will submit a request for transfer to the other club.  Then you must connect with the other club for them to release the player over to your club.

If you do not hear back from the club or you need additional assistance, please reach out to the OWHA directly for assistance.


To find a listing of all of the transfers, please go to Register - View/Manage - Approve Transfer

From here, check enter in your start and end date as well as if you are looking for Approved or Pending or Denied Transfers

It will also show the Association Name and who submitted the request.

You can normally find the contact information for the club on the club's website, if you do not see if listed above, in the information provided to you.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to the OWHA directly with your questions.