How do I update a Member's Email Address?

As an Association Registrar:

Login to the ITSN Admin area and click on Register->View Manage Member

Enter the Last Name of the Member you need to update their email address and Click Search

 Note that if MEMBER LOGIN does not show up for a member, it means they do not have access to the system. If they are a parent attempting to register their child, they must set themselves up with an online account.

Click Select beside the Member's Name

Click Member Login found at the top of the page

Update the email address on this screen. And Click Save. You can then click Forgot Password, and the system will email the member their password automatically.

There is a second spot where you can update your Member's Email address.  This one is used for Communication to Members.

Click on Details within their Member Summary.

At the bottom of the details listing, there is an Email spot. Please update the email in this area too.  And click Save.

This email is used to communicate to the Member via Communicate->Email Member