As a Team Statistician, you only have 48 hours to approve a game.

To approve a game, you must be the visiting team statistician.

Go to Compete-->Score Game
Click on the link for Select beside the game you wish to approve (ex. 1857848).
At the top of the game summary you will see 3 links: Game Notes, Approve, Reject.
Review the game and if you are satisfied, click the Approve link.

Here is some additional information from the LLFHL:

Visiting team will check the online game report for errors and adjust appropriately
 If correct - Accept
 If incorrect – Reject and fill in reasons for disagreement with stats
 If Accepted – Game is closed
 If Rejected, email goes to Home Team 

Statistician to correct and starts process over 


Game approval is not required for Form A games. 

The OWHA does not use Email Notification/ Game Approval for their games. You might be used to having to do Game Approvals through your regular season play (Lower Lakes FHL for example), but those processes are not used by the OWHA.