If you can not find your game listed in the play-down (play-off) schedule, please check to make sure that the game was entered correctly (as a play-down game and not a FormA Game, Regular Season or Exhibition Game).

If you know the Game ID - you can do a quick search to find it in the system - please follow these instructions.

As the Team Statistician:

Log into V2.1 and go to Compete -> Score Game

Then click Ctrl F to search for the game id (enter the game id in the search bar that will show up in the top of the screen)

Once you find the game - look in the Division Column to see which division the game is attached to.  

If it is not in the correct division, this is why it does not show up in the schedule.

To fix this - add the game again - as a new game with the correct division.

Then contact the OWHA to delete the incorrect game that is scheduled (if you do not have the option to DELETE the game).