Q: How do I Access the Individual PIM/Scoring Stats Report?

A:  This report is only available to the association member registered as 'League Liaison' and is only available to Lower Lakes Associations and other Leagues within OWHA

1. Log into the Admin Area using the Role of League Liaison (http://www.itsportsnet.com/admin/v21)
2. Click on 'Report', then 'Lower Lakes Custom Reports' (tab)
3. Beside 'Individual PIM/Scoring Stats Report', click 'Run'
4. On the resulting screen, select the team from the dropdown, then click the 'Search' button.
5. Scroll down to the bottom of the report and click the button to Export to MSExcel. Make sure that you save the file as type .xls -- some versions of MSExcel realize the data is coming from a webpage, and try to save the file as Type: Webpage, which is not too useful. (Make sure to save as type .xls)
6. E-mail the MSExcel file to the Team Statistician/Coach etc who requested the stats.