OWHA clubs can have the new members area look and feel turned on for their club. If you are interested in adding this new look for your Online Registration for the upcoming season, please follow the instructions below. 

OWHA Test Club Members Area Home Page (click on the link below)


Let’s Get Started!

You MUST have the ASSOCIATION REGISTRAR role in order to proceed with this setup.

Step 1 – Request New Members Area to be turned on for your club.

Create a case to Support to Request the “New Members Area for OLR”.  Go to Communicate->Create an IT Case (copy and paste red test into a new support case)

                Subject:  OWHA New Members Area for OLR

Please setup the OWHA New Members Area for our club. We plan to go live on (state date here)

Click “submit” and you will hear a response back from the Support Team once this has been completed for your club. Please allow a minimum of 48 business hours for this setup.

Step 2 - Upload Club Logo that appears on the left hand side of the Home Page 

Go to Communicate->Web: Site Setup

Click on the drop down for Banner Setup and choose Member Area Login Banner

Scroll down and click on Choose File – this is where you choose the file that you wish to upload.


SIZE OF LOGO: (width 900 pixels) x (height 838 pixels) – do not exceed these parameters.

We also encourage you to “remove background” colour from your logo, and save your image as a GIF.


Once you have uploaded your file, Click Save.


Step 3 - Upload Sponsor Ad that appears on the right hand side of the Home Page 

Go to Communicate->Web: Site Setup

Click on the drop down for Sponsor Menu Setup and choose Sponsor 1

Choose your file that you wish to upload.
(it can be a sponsor ad, your club logo, team mascot, whatever IMAGE that you club wishes to use)

SIZE of AD: 280 x 220 pixels (png or jpg)

Click Save

Step 4 – Add instructions that will appear under “Welcome to Members Area”

Go to Communicate->Web: Page Admin

Click on the “+” beside Members Only folder

Click on the “+” beside the Members Home Page

Click on “Default Member Home”

On the right hand side of the screen, you will see the Web Editor appear. Please add your text/instructions for your members here. This will appear on the HOME PAGE of the Members Area BEFORE your members log into the system.

If you take a look at the example link below, you will see instructions that you can copy and paste and use for your club. Please remember to add your Club Information and who to contact if they have questions when registering to your club.

Step 5 – Setup your Online Registration for the upcoming season

Follow the same steps as before by going to Setup-OLR Setup and proceed to the wizard to setup your Online Registration as you have always done. Once you have completed your setup, please proceed to Step 6.


We strongly encourage your club to test your OLR setup before requesting to go live with your new season.  When you go through the testing, you will see the process that the NEW MEMBERS AREA will show your members.  The screen shot below is the home page that your members will see ONCE THEY ARE LOGGED INTO THE SYSTEM.

The SELECT REGISTRATION TYPE is where your Online Registration links will appear for each setup you have created.