Test Check List Test your registration to make sure that you are happy with how it will appear to your members.


- While in the Online Reg setup area, click the 'Registration Testing' link.

- Click the 'Create Family' link (top left one is fine).

- Click the '[Set Email]' link which will appear. Enter your e-mail in the text box as prompted and then click the Save button.

- Click the '[Email Test Link]'.

A test link will be sent to your email. Test the online registration process with your designated Test Family using this link.

 After testing, go back to your Registration Setup to make any changes that you need to make. If you are happy with everything, continue to Go Live.

Go Live (Make your On Line Registration available to your members)

- Please ensure that all of the items on the test check list have been checked off

- While in the Online Reg Setup area, click the 'Registrations List' link (blue font, left side), then click 'Edit' beside your registration name.

- Click the 'Test Check List' link (blue font, left side)

- Scroll down and click the word 'CLICK'. This will send us a Case, requesting that we look over your online reg setup, and set it to live. We will at that time, go over with you your start and end dates, and provide you with the link that your membership will require to begin Online Registration.

- If you host your website with another provider, our support team will provide a link for you to add to your website to attached your On Line Registration

- You will now be able to begin accepting registrations.