The Association Registrar MUST ADD your name as a Contact or Voter BEFORE you can login and continue with this process.

If you do not have ACCESS when you LOGIN to the ADMIN Area as noted below PLEASE CONTACT your ASSOCIATION REGISTRAR FIRST as they are the ones who will be assigning you to this role so that you can continue with this process.

Once you have been assigned the role by the Association Registrar, you will receive an email containing login instructions to approve yourself for the team.

REMEMBER: ITR's can not be SUBMITTED to the OWHA until both the Voter & Contact Approval Process has been completed.

In addition to this, the VOTER must agree to the waiver and indicate the team’s Provincial Championship’s status.

When the voter/contact receives their email, they will be prompted to login to their admin site. If they don’t have an existing username/password they can retrieve it by clicking on Forgot Password button to have it emailed to them.


Once the voter/contact logs in, they can navigate to SetupàApprove Contact/Voter

If the user is a Contact, they will see their team(s) listed.

They will first need to click on the Waiver box for each team and agree to the waiver.Once they agree to the waiver, the Waiver Accepted field will be updated.

They will need to check off the boxes for all the teams that they are agreeing to (or click Select All) and then click the Approve Selected Items as Contact button.Please note, the contact cannot approve a team unless the waiver has been accepted.

If the user is a Voter, they will need to click the Approve Voter button to view their teams. If the user is both a Voter and a Contact, they can toggle between both roles using the buttons provided.


A voter has the additional task of agreeing to the waiver and indicating their Provincial Team status per team.

To agree to the waiver, click on the Waiver button.

Click to accept the waiver.

The Association Registrar can see the status of each team on their Active ITR List by going to SetupàSubmit ITRs.

 Only when both the Contact and Voter have approved themselves (and the Voter the waiver and Provincial Championship status) can the team be eligible to be submitted to the OWHA for approval.

If the Association Registrar, Voter or Contact encounters any difficulty, they should submit a support request by sending an email to with your association name.A support representative will contact you with a solution.