Is there a way to see current registrations that do not have payments applied yet?

Please go into Reports - Financial Reports - Registration New Payment Report

Then make sure you are in the current registration season. 

In the grid - you have different columns - explanation below as to what each number means:

1 - No Payment - Incomplete Registration

This means that a member has logged into the registration/members area and started to create their registration but did not finish.

We recommend that you click on the blue number to drill down to a more complete report and connect with the customer if it looks like they may have attempted to register but didn't.  Or it could be a member already registered and the value of this registration is $0, then you can just delete it.

2 - No Payment - Completed Registration

This means that a member has completed their registration but selected the option of OFFLINE PAYMENT.  When you click on the blue number, it will give you a list of who still owes the club money.  You also have the option to email all members to remind them on how they can submit their payment to the club.

If this person decides not to attend, and does not submit payment, you can delete the invoice/registration from this page.

3 - Partial Payment - Completed Registration

This means that a member has only partially paid an invoice and still owes the club money. You can send a reminder for them to submit payment or you can apply payment to this screen (once you have clicked on the blue number)

4 - Full Payment - Completed Registration

This area is where you want all of your registrations to fall under - full registration completed and completely paid. They are finished with their registration and paid in full.