Registrations are exceeding the CAP set up? Why?

During the registration process, each club has the option to setup CAPS for online registration.  This is usually done for REP as well as House Leagues.

Keep in mind, these CAPS are only for Online Registration Restrictions only. This does not prevent the Association Register to OVERRIDE a registration in POS (Point of Sale). 

If you are entering an invoice manually in Point of Sale, please go in and DECREASE your CAP for that category within your Online Registration setup, so that you will not overfill your category registrations.


If Bantam has a limit of 25 athletes to be registered for the upcoming season, Under the OLR SETUP, you would set the CAP at 25 maximum registration.

Johnny's grandma comes to the club and pays for his registration's by cheque.  The Association Registrar goes into Point of Sale and generates and invoice for Johnny at the Bantam level and applies payment to the invoice.

Once the Association Registrar is done the invoice (or before if they wish), they would then need to go to the OLR Setup under SET FEES AND CAPS and change the CAP for the Bantam category from 25 down to 24.  This way, the category will not overflow with registrations.