Team Statistician Role

The Team Statistician Role is a limited login role that allows a person to login and add Form As and Print Game labels. They are only allowed to access the teams they are registered to as Team Statistician. They also only have access to the Score Games module.

To add a team statistician you must to it from the Team Roster.

NOTE: Prior to starting this process the person you want to add must already be in your database and MUST HAVE an email in their profile.

1> Select Register
2> Team Roster >> Select the team you want to add the official
3> Add Team Official
4> Search for the person you are looking for
5> Select the person you want to add from the search list and choose the Team Statistician Role
6> Click the Assigned Selected Official button

To send the Team Statistician their email you can goto their profile and click on Member Login at the top of their profile and then select the Email New Password.