How do I assign HL players to DS Team Rosters?

There are two ways to register members to Team Rosters.

1 -  GO to Register - Team Roster - 

      Choose your DS division that you wish to assign players to

      Scroll down to the Team Roster Players List and click Add New Player

      Then under Assign Team Player Search, choose the HL Category that you will be pulling players from and click Search

      Select the players and click save to add them to the Roster


      If the players you are looking for do not come up go to Option #2

2 - Go to Register - View/Manage Member

     Enter in the First and Last Name of the player you wish to add and click search

     Then click select beside the players profile

     Now, under member Registration List - click PLAYER REGISTRATION

     Choose which Division Category Name you wish to assign them to

     Select the Team Name 

     And complete any other fields/notes that appear and click SAVE

To check to make sure they appear on your Roster - go to Register - Team Roster, find your division and team and click select. Scroll down to Team Roster to view the players listed.  That player will now appear on the list.