We used to recommend a 3x2 (6 per page) avery label, but only about 75% of the Team Statisticians were able to use that label successfully. We spent hours and hours fiddling with settings to try to have the labels fit for everyone. In the end we decided that the permutations and combinations of PCs, versions of operating systems/Adobe Reader/Printers and Printer drivers 'out there' (which may or may not be installed correctly) were such that we could never please everyone. 

So we now recommend the full sheet label and some scissors (sounds simple, but it does work). If you like, you can print out your label on a piece of paper and hold it up to a 3x2 label sheet that you may find at a store, at home or at work. No two printers will print the text on the labels in exactly the same position, so that might be your best bet.