To add a game, please go to Compete - Score Game

(If you do not see this option when you are logged into the admin area - this means that you do not have access to add a game).

Then Click "Add New Game" that can be found in the menu option (if you click Add Games, you have the option to enter in multiple games at once)

Pull down your division from the Select Division drop down menu option

Click Get Teams

Fill in the Form but please leave Game Type as Regular (if this is a regular season game)

NOTE - Do not enter Home/Visitor Score or Game Length - keep these blank

Fill in Game Time -make sure you are using the correct AM or PM for the time

Game Location - use proper Venue name - if venue is not available select "Missing Arena" and let your league know

OWHA Form A and Playdown questions should be directed to

LLFHL questions should be directed to

Select the team from Home Team dropdown

Select the Opponent from Visitor Team Dropdown

Click Add

Repeat to process to continue to add additional games.