A Team Statistician cannot search the database of an Association outside his/her own, due to Privacy Policy.  

The ODWHA also cannot search the database of an Association outside of the club that is scheduled for the game.

The player has to be manually added to the game label with a pen with their player name and number.  

The following document must also be completed as per the Rules and Regulations with ODWHA.

Please download and fill out the Pick Up Player Consent Form (attached below) (screenshot below of what it looks like).

A Pick-Up Consent Form will be completed by the affiliate coach and must be given to the requesting coach/manager prior to the game.4. The game sheet completed for the game in which the affiliate player plays, will have the initials AP for affiliated player, placed beside the affiliate’s name as a record for the League and subsequent protests or inquires by the ODWHA orOWHA.

The Pick-Up Consent Form must also be attached to the white copy of the game sheet.

Then use the Game Notes to indicate the actual name of the (outside the Association) Pick Up Player,including Penalties, Scoring and Assists must be added in this area.