The OWHA and all of the clubs and leagues attached to it, all use the same login admin area.  If you are trying to login to perform any task that has to do with your club, your league, your district or any task assigned to you for the OWHA girls hockey program, you will still use the same admin login area.  

The same login information that you use to register your child, register yourself as a player, etc is the same login and password that you would use to access the admin area as well.

Each person should only have ONE profile and ONE email address assigned to them in the database.

The system will only allow you to view what you have been assigned to.  Your Club Association Registrar or the OWHA Organization are the only people who can assign a role to you.  You can be assigned more than one role, and in this case, a drop down box will appear when you are logging into the system.  Each role has a set of capabilities in the system that will provide you with the access that you have been assigned to see.

If you do not see what you are looking for, you must reach out to your club Association Registrar directly, and discuss the access you are looking for - only they can help you.  If they have questions, they will reach out to the OWHA or Ivrnet directly for assistance.

The Admin Login Site for any role that is associated with any club, league, or district - is listed below.  We recommend that you click the Beta Login button to enter the system.

Once you enter your User Id/Email and Password - you will then enter the admin area - 

Note:   if you are assigned more than one role, you will see the following options - to choose the role you wish to login with.  Remember, each role has different access - you have to log out and log back into each role based on what you are trying to access.

Forgot your Password?  No problem - just click Forgot Password - 

- for full details on how to retrieve your password, please click this link to the help doc - Forgot Password Help Doc

What roles can be assigned to a member?

- for full details on what role you can be assigned, please click this link to the help doc - Access to OWHA admin site - Role Assigned

Where do I find HELP DOCS for all of OWHA?

- for full details on any questions that you have for using the admin area for OWHA, please click this link to the help doc site - OWHA Help Docs