Scenrio #1

As a team statistician, I was entering a score for a home game, but i forgot to update the players, so I went and updated the player information and clicked save changes.  At that time, the score came back as 0 - 0 .  Instead of letting me enter the game.  What happened?

Scenerio #2

As a team statistician- the penalties were updated, and the score was not updated for the game and the team statistician clicks on the button save changes.  then the game score will be updated to 0 from both home and visitor team.

If either of these scenarios happen, you do have 48 hours to review and update/edit the game information.  Just go back in and update the information before sending it off to be approved by the visitor team.

Keep in mind, it is best to score a game in this order.

1 - score game first

2- update penalties to the game

If you still have questions, please submit a ticket to or contact your League Convener.