When setting up discounts, in the online registration system, you do have few options:

1 - Family Discount ($) or (%)  to provide one discount to the invoice created on a per family basis

2 - Early Bird Discount ($) or (%) to provide a one time early bird discount - on the invoice on a per family basis

3 - Individual Category Discount ($) or (%) to provide a discount to a certain category registration only

4 - Early Bird - Per Player Registration ($) or (%) to provide a discount to early bird registration on a per player basis

The most common discount is #4 - to add a Early Bird Registration Discount on a per player basis.

To start go to Setup - Online Reg Setup - Click Continue - Click Edit and existing Registration -Click Registration Listing

Click EDIT beside the Registration form you wish to add the discount to.

Then click on Discount Options that appears on the left hand side menu option.

Then - once you are on this screen - you can choose your Discount Type - for this example we will use the most common discount offered - an Early Bird Registration Discount if registered by a certain date on a per player basis.

So we will choose the discount as shown below -

You can edit the discount name if you wish - to match how you market the discount to your members

Add the amount of the discount

Then Enter in the date that the discount expiry date.  This will expire at midnight MT on that date.

Click ADD when done.

You will now see your discount setup and you can delete it at any time.

So based on this discount setup - if the category registration fee for Atom House was set to be $500, if someone registered before July 1st 2018, they would see a line item discount on their Invoice for $50 which means that they would pay only $450 for their registration

This means that you must setup your set fees and caps to be the highest amount before adding your discounts.

We also recommend testing your registration before going live - please click on Registration Testing and go through that process, to make sure your invoice will appear how you wish.

Thank you